Dental treatments that help maintain health

Dental treatments that help maintain health

  1. The removal of dental plaque (biofilm) and the constant and timely education of the correct techniques of oral hygiene, represents the pillar of prevention in dentistry, being the key to success in the preservation of oral health.
  2. Periodontal treatment involves the removal of tartar, calculus or dental tartar; including stain removal.
  3. Plan to quit smoking. Modern dentists actively participate in the process to reduce and eradicate smoking of their patients. They are also aware of all the benefits that this causes not only for the general health of the patient but also in the oral area of ​​the patient.
  4. Caries removal. Caries is the disease with the highest incidence worldwide, it is an infectious and multifactorial condition that causes the demineralization of the dental structure, which translates into a net loss of the mineral content of the tooth, generating a cavity in the medium term, accompanied by characteristic symptoms referred by the patient.
  5. The root canal treatment, called Endodontics, consists in the removal of the vascular and nervous package of the tooth, which for various reasons may have been irreversibly affected, and can cause painful infection and symptomatic symptoms for patients.
  6. The screening of oral cancer, as well as other lesions present in the mouth and its surroundings is an important phase within the diagnostic phase of each patient who attends the dental office.
  7. Restoration of teeth, intended to meet expectations both related to function and dental aesthetics. These restorations can be carried out in various materials, with the composite resin currently being highlighted as the material of choice by Dentists.
  8. String extraction (wisdom teeth)
  9. Replace missing teeth (conventional implants or prostheses) in order to improve chewing effectiveness
  10. Bruxism control or dental clenching. External (environmental) and genetic factors can influence the appearance and development of this habit, which generates chronic, cumulative and progressive damage to the denture. At present, there are treatments capable of controlling and reducing the impact of this type of habit.
  11. Correct dental alignment, redistribute spaces in both jaws and improve occlusion problems (bite) between jaws, through functional orthodontic treatments or orthopedics, have a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Author: Dr. Alejandro Amaíz

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