Lips: Importance and care

Lips: Importance and care

Oral health involves the care and maintenance of the lips. The lips allow the correct pronunciation and modulation of words, it also has an important value in facial aesthetics.
Currently, dehydration, sun exposure, dryness, are some of the factors involved in the damage that the lips can suffer.

Statistically, the most affected lips are usually the lower ones. Therefore, it is important that both children and adults take the necessary preventive measures to preserve the health of their lips.

In the market there is a variety of cocoa cream products designed to keep the lips hydrated. However, we should not forget the use of sunscreen specifically for the lips, especially when prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun.

There are authors who even contraindicate tanning machines for possible skin and mucosal damage, covering the surface of the lips.

Adequate fluid intake is recommended to maintain hydration, especially in hot climates.

The continued nibbling of the lips (cheilophagy) should be avoided, because it becomes a chronic irritation to the tissues. Likewise, it is contraindicated to tear or tear the tissue that is dry or semi detached, since this could cause a frank wound that generates pain and is a source of entry for a possible infection.

It is recommended to exfoliate lips.

Any treatment on the lips for aesthetic purposes should be performed by a professional, who should consider the benefits and possible complications of the procedure, prior to a detailed medical history. In addition, you should anticipate the clinical results.

Author: Dr. Alejandro Amaíz

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