Verdades acerca tratamiento de conducto

Verdades acerca tratamiento de conducto

At present, it is common to hear among patients rumors and negative comments related to nerve treatments. Pain and fear are frequent adjectives to qualify this procedure. However, patients should not fear or feel anxious about these types of clinical procedures. When the treatment is carried out properly, success is envisioned and therefore discomfort, discomfort and especially pain are avoided.

The dental pulp also, erroneously referred to as “nerve”, is an organ that gives vitality to the tooth, which is located and confined inside the tooth (it is surrounded by dentin). In addition, it consists of components of a blood and nervous nature, therefore it provides nutrition, irrigation and sensitivity to each tooth.

Dental caries is the main danger that afflicts dental pulp; When the destruction associated with tooth decay is extensive, it contaminates the pulp tissue which can cause infection. For this reason, it is necessary to remove damaged tissue, clean and fill the corresponding space.

Author: Dr. Alejandro Amaíz

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