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Gum: Damage or dental benefit?

Currently, sugar-free chewing gum or chewing gum can be your great ally to maintain proper oral hygiene. Several studies support the use of sugar-free chewing gum as a preventive method for tooth decay and other oral lesions, and may have multiple benefits in the dental field. The use of chewing gum [...]

Truths of Chocolate CARIES vs. COCOA

Chocolate has been and is still considered a food savored for its taste, nutritional value and tradition within Latin American culture. However, its negative effect on human teeth has been questioned. However, cocoa contains high amounts of natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage and aging, reducing the risk of [...]

Dental Caries: Current Approach

Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO, 2007) establish that dental caries stands out among the most common oral diseases, affecting 60% -90% of schoolchildren worldwide. It has also been stated that it is estimated that around five billion people on the planet have suffered from tooth decay. Being the [...]

Dental treatments that help maintain health

The removal of dental plaque (biofilm) and the constant and timely education of the correct techniques of oral hygiene, represents the pillar of prevention in dentistry, being the key to success in the preservation of oral health. Periodontal treatment involves the removal of tartar, calculus or dental tartar; including stain [...]

Verdades acerca tratamiento de conducto

At present, it is common to hear among patients rumors and negative comments related to nerve treatments. Pain and fear are frequent adjectives to qualify this procedure. However, patients should not fear or feel anxious about these types of clinical procedures. When the treatment is carried out properly, success [...]

Fear and anxiety in dentistry

The advancement of technology coupled with new scientific discoveries has allowed the evolution and progress of dentistry. So much so that dentistry in these last decades has undergone great improvements in each of its areas. Gone is traumatic, mutilating and aggressive dentistry, to give way to dentistry based on [...]

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth correspond to permanent teeth called third molars; also, they are commonly called "cordales." The name of wisdom teeth is attributed to them, because they have been linked to the age of majority and the intellectual maturity of the patients. These teeth erupt around 17 and 25 years of [...]

Lips: Importance and care

Oral health involves the care and maintenance of the lips. The lips allow the correct pronunciation and modulation of words, it also has an important value in facial aesthetics. Currently, dehydration, sun exposure, dryness, are some of the factors involved in the damage that the lips can suffer. Statistically, the most [...]


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