With the passage of time and thanks to a series of favorable factors, Costa Rica has become a world leader in Medical Tourism.


A large number of specialists in dentistry, as well as Costa Rican dentists and surgeons, have received training in well-known institutions both nationally and internationally; achieving a very high level of professionalism.


Thanks to our privileged geographical location, we receive direct flights from the main airports in North America, as well as hundreds of flights from different parts of the world, with accessible rates and increasingly frequent promotions.


This is the main reason why we increasingly receive people who require some type of medical treatment. On average, a tourist who travels to Costa Rica for dental reasons can save between 40% and 70% (including transportation and lodging costs).

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Beaches that fall in love over and over again

Costa Rica has a beautiful and varied number of beaches, both in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. Each of them has its own charm, that goes from the color of the sand, to nature that surrounds it and even its proximity to the capital. Some of them are ideal for swimming, to spend time with family or friends, its know for being the paradise of surfers.

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Mountains as green as full of life

Costa Rica is a privileged country with mountains, green valleys, rain and cloud forests, dry areas, mangrove swamps. All this natural treasure makes us one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Around 25% of the land area and part of the maritime zone of the country have been declared National Parks and / or protected areas.

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Volcanoes that impress

These colossi are considered one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Surrounded by lush landscapes and fertile land, these are home for numerous species of plants and birds; you will also find  the perfect place for hiking, camping and adventure cycling.

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Rivers and Falls to get out of the routine

Among the impressive destinations that enclose our borders, and that are often hidden, there are incredible rivers,  waterfalls, burst in the middle of nature, resulting in the perfect combination of freshness, purity and imposing beauty.

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Gastronomy that surprises and craves

Costa Rica has an excellent and varied cuisine. Many of their recipes have passed from generation to generation, thus maintaining the traditions in force. In recent years and thanks to a group of entrepreneurial chefs, Costa Rican cuisine has experienced an interesting evolution, which will allow us to position ourselves so well in the short term, as we have done with coffee.

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Culture that fills us with pride

In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds Costa Rica, our society is forged by abundant multicultural influences. There are several communal activities almost weekly, as well as religious celebrations, art fairs, film, music and gastronomy festivals and even celebrations of historical events.

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A capital to have fun

The cultural and artistic offer of San José is as intense as it is varied. Every day in its streets and buildings you can enjoy activities for all tastes and budgets: concerts, musicals, theater, dance and much, much more.

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As historic as surprising

Touring the streets and avenues of San José can become a truly unique experience. Our capital hides a series of corners, squares, parks, buildings full of history and tradition; which may surprise nationals and foreigners alike.


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